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Arcane Lullaby is a unique eclectic band combining various music styles, original music and meaningful lyrics. The project was born from a dream, the music and lyrics harvested from the aether, was raised through a pandemic, and endures for love.

Although the band has a particular sound of its own, it cannot be pigeonholed into any single genre. Some of the entirely original songs may be difficult to categorize while other songs clearly draw inspiration from styles such as blues, punk, reggae, rock, goth, soul, metal, psychedelic, funk, and more - all with a unique spin. The broad term “alternative rock” could be used if needed.

Arcane Lullaby is based out of Santa Cruz, California. The group’s membership has had a rotating roster with the songwriter / guitar player, Jason Greenberg, at the center. After two singles (early 2021) and a full length album (late 2022), Arcane Lullaby is in the process of another transmutation, preparing to emerge once more in an even more impressive metamorphosis. Some new songs will also accompany the phoenix of this next form. Stay tuned as more will be revealed in 2023.

Vocals: Grace Whitaker, Keslie Mack
Drums: Gianni Castelli
Bass: Billy Reese
Guitar: Jason Greenberg

Upcoming Live Shows:

May 13, 2023, 8:30pm to 9:30pm - Catalyst Upstairs Bar - 1011 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (Poster)

June 9, 2023, 8:30pm - 11:30pm - Joe's Bar - 13118 CA-9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006 (Poster)

July 15, 2023, 8pm - 9:30pm - The Bistro Hayward - 1001 B St, Hayward, CA 94541

LP Released:

The first full length Arcane Lullaby album, "Innermost Seer", has been released and is available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora (+ more) and is also be available in limited supply as a hard copy tangible media CD.

Innermost Seer details

First Two Singles Released:

The first two Arcane Lullaby Singles have been released and are available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, and more.

These first two songs, "Crush" and "Fickle", were completed in March 2021 but only recently released in September 2022.

Crush details

Fickle details









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